Introducing the association:

The objective of the association IKSIT (International Ceramics Symposium Innsbruck-Tirol) is the continual support of contemporary ceramic arts in the form of sculpture and installation, by means of the Triennial Sculpture Symposium in Innsbruck, Tirol.

Ceramics, as one of the oldest and most significant means of expression of human creativity, is often treated as a poor relation within the arts, here as in other countries too. The association aims to re-integrate the artistic use of clay into the processes of art, and to strengthen the level of recognition and appreciation of ceramic art through intensive collaborations with educational institutions, with commerce and the media.

The association works in interdisciplinary cooperation with

(a) all interested organisations and projects, for example from the fields of mathematics, music, medicine, archaeology, art history, ethnology, religion, architecture, etc.,

(b) with companies having a visual or ceramic focus, with educational institutions such as schools and universities,

(c) with groups and organisations representing artists.


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